Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am yenzz
I wanna tell u a short story.

This is a story about a couple that have a very close relationship.

One day they had a conflict.
The boy said to the girl that, " U demand too much, maybe we are too close."
The girl was hurt. She just cried without say anything and left the boy.

The girl dont know what the boy means. She just knew that they are in a relationship so why if they get closer? What the boy don't like it? But The girl like it. She like to be with the boy so much. But The girl can't say that to the boy. She just kept it and started to blame herself.

Finally, The girl promised herself to don't too depended with the boy and will try to do everything herself as long as she can. Now the girl learned something new.

And Thanks god because their relationship keep continue.
Hope their relationship will become better and better.

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