Monday, March 31, 2008

My First Real Love

We started as strangers then just hi and bye then just smiles.

I never knew that someone could feel the same way for you as you feel for them until it happend. the day came when he wanted to ask my phone number . You never knew how happy I am. I wanted him to just hurry up and ask me out but he was very shy…

When i found out that he liked me as much as i liked him i felt like just crying, because i had liked him for about 2 weeks and i had saved myself for him, it was kind of like a dream come true, i always wished for this day to come... he was my first real love...

We dated for about a year but as time passed we started to grow apart from each other i knew. Fights happen, often though.And I think we are on the edge of our relationship.I don't feel that I have any strength to go on. But I am sure that God has its way...
But watever the answer,I 'll still go on...

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

Recently I read an article but I've forgot where
It told about a kid's happy birthday...he's just 15 years old kid..
On his birthday he prepare gifts(flowers bouquet, a funny necklace and a cute shirt),..On the night his parents celebrating his birthday at home, he took out the presents and give it to his parents who asking him why,because it's supposed the other way around and he said 'Because my birthday reminds me to the day I was born . . .and I would not make it without dad and thanks to you'
His parents wrote the article. Maybe that can be a new way of celebrating birthday nowadays.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My 1st Valentine

I've never know how giving can be so much in receiving
I've a girlfriend, we're dating for almost a year now.

On our first time of valentine day,I've been preparing somethin for her.
As she's one of the staff for organizing events for valentine party on plaza,she's busy that day.
So in the morning I've gone to flower store to buy a bouquet of flowers(sweet one of course) and told them to send her at 5 p.m(as the event start at 4).

I go there at 6 o'clock but I see no i sneak around to call the store as they said they've sent it ,may be a few minutes will arrive.But it don't,6.30 I call,7,8,same answer and they piss me off..
so I go upstairs to reserve a restaurant..after I reserve ,she called me and (in so much excited)shout whether I've send her a flower ,it's at the side of the stage and she's em brassed yet happy.I go down and see how happy she's(I've never know how a girl can be so excited when we sent them flowers)...
thus we go for dinner and we walk to my car,she get in and saw a piece of love shape paper say 'U'll find8 reason why I love u so much',and she surprised and search for the others with enthusiasm...
And when it come to the last one-which I put it on garage and when I was paying parking fee ,I told her to quickly jump off the car and open the garage for her ,as the last one is a massage in a lovely bottle saying 'It's a whole you are the reason and thousands untold reasons more'....Well,she read it with watery eyes ...

Looking on how happy she's (indescribable) makes me feel that this is one of my happiest moment

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am yenzz
I wanna tell u a short story.

This is a story about a couple that have a very close relationship.

One day they had a conflict.
The boy said to the girl that, " U demand too much, maybe we are too close."
The girl was hurt. She just cried without say anything and left the boy.

The girl dont know what the boy means. She just knew that they are in a relationship so why if they get closer? What the boy don't like it? But The girl like it. She like to be with the boy so much. But The girl can't say that to the boy. She just kept it and started to blame herself.

Finally, The girl promised herself to don't too depended with the boy and will try to do everything herself as long as she can. Now the girl learned something new.

And Thanks god because their relationship keep continue.
Hope their relationship will become better and better.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcome to One of the happiest moment in people's lives

This is a site where Great Stories(One of the happiest moment) are told---still under constructions

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