Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mario Bros Stories

Once upon a time there were two baby orphans named Mario and Luigi. These orphans were born in the mushroom world and for some reason wearing hats (probably because before their parents died they put hats on them representing their name).
Anyway, the kind stork that carried babies to new caretakers and homes had had an order for two brothers. But when the stork was flying, the evil kamek wanted to snatch these babies. This, of course, would be super mario world 2: yoshi's island. After yoshi saving both brothers and giving them back to their parents that adopted them, and all those other crazy adventures with yoshi like yoshi touch and go and yoshi's island ds (which was actually very important to the plot, I own it and have beaten it; what happens is first of all, it turns out that mario, luigi, peach, wario, DK, and bowser are all connected. The second thing is that it says that yoshi is connected to these six as well, but this was a baby yoshi which means it grew up and would be what mario was riding super mario world, the yoshi he rode when he was a baby would have been to old). For some reason, no one knows why, mario and luigi's parents sent the two off to the human world, after discovering a strange pipe hole which lead to brooklyn. Mario and Luigi were adopted by people again and raised in brooklyn. Mario nor luigi decided to go to college and while Luigi decided to be a plumber, Mario decided to be a carpenter. One day, how ever, an angry monkey (that's donkey kong) had escaped from the zoo and was on a rampage. Coincidently enough, donkey kong came right to the construction site with mario's girl friend, Pauline, in his hands! Donkey kong ruined the straightness of the construction site and anger soured through mario for having his girl friend stolen. Little did Mario know yet that he was to be the chosen one in the prophecy. He was to be the hero of mushroom kingdom! Now, with his super jumping abilities, he jumped all the barrels that donkey kong threw and climbed all of the ladders to the top of then construction site, took it apart, donkey kong had a great fall, and pauline was rescued!!! Doonkey kong, however, did escape into a jungle where he met his family and was again normal, not evil, and happy. But that's beside the point. Anyway, one day, Mario decided to be a plumber with Luigi. Suddenly, shell creepers (koopas) and spinys invaded the pipes and Mario and Luigi were orderd by their boss to fight them! One day, Mario followed a koopa that was walking into a mysterious portal. Before he went in he heard from a voice that said that this was the mushroom kingdom (you see, Mario was just a baby when he had all of his adventures with yoshi and coming to brooklyn and all, so he doesn't really remember it) that he was about to go into, and that it used to peace before the evil bowser kidnapped the daughter of the mushroom king, princess peach because she was the only one that could've save mushroom kingdom from the evil powers bowser had cast upon it (this part of the story is the game super mario bros.). I have guessed that one of the mushroom retainers (the toads that say "Thank you mario! But our princess is in another castle!") was a psychic and communicated with mario using telepathy. Mario now could jump higher then ever before and quickly reigned peace on the mushroom kingdom. Now, Mario, along with Luigi, of course, decided to live in mushroom kingdom. Super mario bros. 2, 3, super mario world, mario and luigi superstar saga, paper mario 1, 2, and 3, super mario rpg, super mario 64, super mario sunshine, super mario galaxy (I'm just giving examples here, I know I missed A LOT of games)all because of mario living and loving the mushroom world, and of the prophecy. This is mario. Our hero.

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